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GatherGrid™ Terms

We created GatherGrid to make it easier for you to connect with others. By using GatherGrid or browsing a GatherGrid web page or web site or mobile page or any electronic or other resource, you accept the terms herein. You accept that all of these terms apply to you, and that any rights or protections you may have against these terms are voided. You agree that every term applies to you, and that should one term be marked as invalid in a court, all other terms remain applicable to and accepted by you.

No Warranty of Service

GatherGrid is free software and we make no guarantee or warrantee to the service. We may involuntarity or voluntarily suspend or deny service to any group or individual.

No Liability or Damages

You, the user, agree not to hold GatherGrid and its parent company, owner, principals, and employees responsible for any loss, damage, or any liability. You agree not to create any legal action relating to GatherGrid. You agree that should you bring any legal action against 12gurus LLC, its principals, owners, employees, partners, or anyone associated with GatherGrid, you must pay 12gurus LLC a fee of five million US dollars within three days of filing the case, regardless of the outcome of your case.

You agree not to disparage GatherGrid, 12gurus LLC, or its principals, employees, partners or anyone related in any public or private fashion, including but not limited to blogs, newspapers, television, radio, websites, magazines, speeches, conferences, or private conversation. You agree to pay 12gurus LLC six hundred thousand US dollars per any negative comment made about GatherGrid, 12gurus, its owners, principals, employees, or anyone related to GatherGrid.

Intellectual Property

You agree that the code and content on is the intellectual property of 12gurus LLC. You agree not to recreate in part or whole, indentically or similarly any of the GatherGrid service, programs, code, text, design, or concept. You agree not to create an event coordinating program or calendar program and not to modify any existing calendar programs to resemble GatherGrid.


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