- Find the best time for everyone.
Create an event
Send attendees a link
They click times they're available
Pick the best time for everyone
About GatherGrid™

Next time you want to know, "What's the best time for everyone?", avoid the dozens of back-and-forth emails and calls, and try GatherGrid !

Before GatherGrid, it was such a hassle to get everyone in the same place at the same time. After dozens of emails you'd still be guessing at the best time.

NOW: A simple glance at the GatherGrid grid tells you who can meet, when.

Create an event
(on the left)
Send a link to attendees
They click times they're available
Pick the best time for all

How it works:

Go to, enter a meeting title, check the hours you're able to attend, and send attendees a link. They'll check the times that work for them. In a few minutes, you'll know the best time for everyone!

GatherGrid works on any current web browser. You don't need to load any special software.

Works for Everyone!

Trying to coordinate a meeting with people outside your organization? You don't need shared calendars to sync with GatherGrid! Simply send them a link and they'll click the times they can meet.

What's the deal with the Charities?

We're big on helping out. Our founder also founded the second-largest volunteer network in NYC. So, we figured, why not enable our users to make an active choice in who they'll support. We've given you a few great charities (who are not endorsing us!) to support. If you don't pick one, we will.

Who is GatherGrid?

GatherGrid™ was created and is owned and maintained by 12gurus LLC, an innovation firm based in NYC. We create products for companies large and small, and we also create products like GatherGrid!

Can I have a job?

We're not hiring right now.

Can I invest?

Perhaps. Email us at invest_request -at- .

What is 12gurus?

Learn more about us at

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